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Wednesday, April 16, 2014



You will post here once a week during your internship.

WRITE TO US: Please share details of your experience abroad: work, everyday life, travels, and any interesting cultural observations that you make.  Please post lots of pictures. THERE WILL BE A PHOTO CONTEST....Feel free to videoblog if you wish and upload any videos you like.
Remember, your photos may be selected to be used in promotional materials or in the website next year!

Please read and comment on posts by your fellow students.  Share tips on living abroad, interesting places you have travelled to, and any recommendations: beaches, restaurants, sites to see etc.

PRIVACY: Please begin each post with your first name followed by the name of the city you are in.  For example: Rachael - Istanbul.  Do not use your full name-do not post phone numbers or addresses (use email to give/get this information).

IMPORTANT: This is a open blog: the public can read, but not post unless invited by our department. Feel free to give the link to your parents and friends.

For ideas on what to write and also lots of other very pertinent information, be sure to check out the blog from last year :

START NOW: Please post asap to introduce yourself, sharing your hopes and expectations about the journey you are about to make.

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