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Monday, September 1, 2014

Enxhi Merpeza; Tirana, Albania; Twelfth Week

This week marks the end of our internship for two reasons: first of all, everyone is on vacation or just about to leave, and secondly the ministry is undergoing MAJOR construction (including the stable office space we had been assigned). Between coffee shops and our bedrooms, we finished up the translations given to us the week prior and also wrote some final emails and prepared some future email templates for the National Coastal Agency. We also, double-checked with them on the questionnaires regarding the beach clean ups that they will be handing out to beach goers and tourists.  

Last day at the Ministries!

It was emotional to say goodbye to the staff, the directors, the ministry and the people we had gotten the closest to. As hard as we tried to arrange drinks or dinner with our fellow colleagues, it just wasn’t possible between the European vacation schedules of August and the work schedules (everyone was trying to finish up duties before vaycay!). But we promised that if we were ever in the area again, we’d visit them and go out for dinner! The personnel in the ministry were a pleasure to work with alongside all the directors, our supervisor Mejvis, and the Minister herself! The fact that this internship was a learning experience, not only for us but for the Ministry itself as it positions itself for future interns, made us realize that this opportunity allotted to us by the University of Michigan is the beginning of a new chapter that begins with the creation of ties between U of M and Albania. We cannot wait for others to come out and experience all the beauty that lies in this tiny and culturally rich Balkan/ Eastern European nation!!

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