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Friday, August 29, 2014

Ejona Korcari, Week 11, Tirana Albania

My time in Albania is going by really fast, especially because I am busy all day. During the time that the Harvard people were working in Albania we were part of their Black Belt team. Their last project at the Ministry was to make a Tourism Package. We worked with them and other people who contribute in the realization of the project. We worked with the people of the team to do research, write it in English and make the materials flow and be easy to follow. After the materials were ready the Harvard leaders made the package and they presented it to the Conference last week. This week I got a new translation to do. Guess what was it?
I have to translate the Tourism Package from English to Albanian. This is a document about 55 pages long and I have about 7 business days to finish. I think that this is enough time if I work intensively during our office hours. There has been other works to do in the office like other previous weeks but my main focus is the Tourism Package.

An afternoon my cousins and I went to visit the Artificial Lake Park. That is a park where a lot of people go for a walk, jogging or just to spend some time away from the busy life of Tirana. We had a lot of fun in the fresh air. We visited the amphitheater in there, bought ice cream and then headed home.

Another afternoon we sent going at the mall. I was surprised to see that the mall was very similar to the ones in USA. There was a diversity of brands and shops. It was a blast and we bought a lot of clothes :).

My cousins and I at the amphitheater near the Artificial Lake in Tirana

The mall in Tirana

The mall

Velipoja in the evening


The weekend I spent with the girls in the city of Shkodra and Velipoja. Shkodra is a beautiful city in the North of Albania. After spending a couple of hours visiting the vity we traveled to Velipoja. This is a town in the district of Shkodra. In the middle of the town there is Buna River and The Adriatic Sea is situated on its side. I think this town has the most crowded beaches in the whole Albania. Especially because this is one of the closest beaches for tourists that come from Kosovo. As you might imagine most of the people here were Northern Albanians and people from Kosovo (also Albanians as they like to call themselves, that's a different story). We spent two amazing days at the beach and around the town. I will miss all this when I leave Albania, but as for now I really miss USA and my family and friends.

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