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Friday, August 1, 2014

Olivia - Galápagos - week 3

This week we began to work on updating the trails at the national tortoise breeding center. We spent three days carrying many bags of gravel and new wooden boards to the back of the center to reinforce old bridges. It was very hard work and I'm definitely enjoying the couple days of relaxation we are currently getting in town! 

One tragic event that happen this week was that the reserves pet horse, Shakira, slipped and fell into an old watering hole that was covered with mud, old banana trees, and plastic sheets. It was a battle against time to try to get her out of there before it got too dark and cold for us to be of any help to her. Luckily we all worked together and after two hours of brainstorming, rope tying, and pulling we managed to safely get her out of the well. I was so relieved that she was finally out and luckily enough she didn't hurt herself during the fall! It definitely was a challenge between people's different emotions, ideas, and languages to come to a concrete plan of what would work best to get her out. But in the end it worked out and she is now healthy and back to roaming the reserve freely! 

Next week a group of us are going island hopping! We will be visiting the islands of Isabella and Santa Cruz. It will be such an awesome time to see the different things that each island has to offer. We may even get to visit the partner tortoise breeding center on Isabella! 



  1. Great post, Olivia! Glad it is working out well. Any chance of any photos?

  2. Olivia,

    Oh no! I'm glad that Shakira (funny name!) is okay. Thank goodness everything worked out.

    Carting around bags of gravel and wooden boards sounds really hard on the body. Remember to take breaks so you don't get overworked or pull a muscle. How are the trails looking now? Best wishes island hopping! Don't forget to post pictures!! Um swag and the block M are great for pictures if possible :)