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Monday, May 12, 2014

A little dose of craziness!


I’ve been here for a bit over a week and I’m still trying to get used to Morocco’s oddities. I’m staying in Rabat which is the capital city and working in a new NGO is Sale. There’s another volunteer from Boston who’s working the same project as me, we take the Grand Taxi every morning together (a.k.a get squeezed into a tiny car with six other people) and from there our adventure begins.

I’m teaching english at a new NGO to students ranging from 8-28 years old. Some of them actually want to learn, most of them…I’m not sure why they keep showing up. We had our first quiz last friday and we got an average of 75%! I’m so proud and I can’t wait to hand the quizzes back and hopefully talk one on one with the students who are struggling.

Went to Casablanca for the weekend and it was amazing! Everything was gorgeous and breath-takingly beautiful and the food was to die for! Went to Hassan II mosque, couldn’t go inside because there was some sort of construction going on. The beach was right next to the mosque and it was just so relaxing to just sit by the water and watch life go on around us.

Trying to get from one place to another in Morocco always turns into an adventure. We asked this dude where Rick’s Cafe was, and he drops what he’s doing and tells us to follow him. He takes us around all these streets and when we finally get to Rick’s we see that the main road was right there and we could have gotten to our destination so much faster if we hadn’t asked for directions. Going to Rick’s Cafe was definitely worth it, the dessert was amazing!

 Little fountain thing outside Hassan II mosque
Hassan II Mosque 

 The prime example of a Moroccan interaction. Ordered a mushroom and cheese omelette, made the waiter repeat my order back to me to make sure he had it correct. He comes back with a shrimp omelette!

The most amazing lava cake ever!

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  1. Kinza,

    My name is Tammy Mida. I am interning in the LSA International Internship office this summer, so I will be reading and responding to your blog posts!

    Getting around in a foreign country is always an experience. It's funny how we take that for granted at home. Maybe buses are an option? Ordering food is a similarly frustrating experience at first- I hope you like shrimp omelettes! The mosque looks beautiful. It's too bad you couldn't go inside. Maybe you can plan a return trip if they finish the construction soon enough.

    8-28 is quite an age range. I used to be a teacher, so I am interested in your experience. Enjoy your second week.