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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Tony- Cusco, Peru Week 3

This week I've explored the places near my temporary home, instead of the common attractions outside the main square. It surprised me to see that there are many huge markets within a short distance that sell everything you would ever need.

My volunteer work is still fun. The kids have received their final grades for their volleyball skills and, positively, none of the kids received a failing grade. Some of the kids are very skilled at volleyball and soccer for their age and it is a pleasure to watch and help them. The physical education system at the school I am at changes what sport to focus on each month. We are moving on to basketball on Monday, which the professor has told me is definitely a sport that many of the kids need help in.

I plan on visiting more of the adventurous sites here in Peru soon. Thankfully I have plenty of time to do so.


  1. Tony,

    Thanks for checking in! I'm glad that volunteering is still going well. The "curriculum" sounds something similar to the physical education classes in the U.S. There are different units which focus on certain skills/sports. I wouldn't have guessed that the students would be so skilled in volleyball. It will be interesting to teach basketball. Defense, defense!

    Have you been taking pictures? If you have, please share them here. I would love to see pictures, especially from your work. Aren't the markets amazing??! Are they open-air? Have you bought anything?


  2. Markets are definitely open. Pictures are up on the next post.