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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Hannah - Madrid - Week 3

Hi all!
This week has just been a lot of getting to know everyone at my office and apartment. I´ve gotten more comfortable with making some casual small talk in the work place even though it can be hard to fully express my thoughts sometimes with a more limited vocabulary. However, I think that listening to people on the metro, at work, or in my apartment talking in Spanish has improved my speaking, and vice versa (hopefully).
At work, I've designed posters for international business courses that our organization offers to young adults. I've also been working on making banner advertisements that ask people to donate to 1 Kilo de Ayuda. They're taking much longer than expected because every computer in the office has decided to freeze every time I touch the mouse! Despite the frustration with technology, I've enjoyed getting to work with different design programs. Lucia even showed me how to do some simple things on WordPress to make changes to our website.
Lucia didn't want to be
internet famous

Cards that are sent to different supermarkets in
Madrid that shoppers can pick up and donate to the NGO

Real Madrid v. Atletico Madrid
The Real Madrid team is in there… somewhere
Plaza de Cibeles!
This last Saturday was the Champions League Final between Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid. People often referred to it as "the game that would determine the best ´futbol´ team in the world." Actually watching the game wasn´t the best experience for me, since I spent the second half riding around on the metro. The chaos that poured into the streets of Madrid afterwards, though, was something I´ll never forget. Whenever Real Madrid wins, fans gather at Plaza de Cibeles to celebrate and wait for the team to arrive. I was at Puerta del Sol at the end of the game and joined the mass of people walking over to Cibeles. The team was coming back from their game in Portugal so we had to wait several hours. The team finally arrived but I ended up only being able to see the backs of people´s heads because it was so crowded. But, I think I saw Cristiano Ronaldo for a second, though I can´t be too sure.

After conducting several polls of people´s favorite cities in Spain, I´ve narrowed down my list of places I´d like to visit this summer:
- Granada
- San Sebastian
- Barcelona
& Lisbon, Portugal!
So look out for future posts from these trips(if I´m able to organize everything)!

Hasta luego!

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  1. Hannah,

    I really enjoyed what you had to say about what you are doing at work. From what I understand, you are doing mostly design work? The flyers look great! Are you having success with the "1 Kilo de Ayuda" plan? I'm glad that your Spanish skills are improving. It's truly inevitable since you are immersed in the culture.

    I was thinking of everyone abroad during the game. I cannot even imagine how crazy it was!! It's awesome that you experienced that; not many people can claim that they have! Traveling is a good idea because this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Will you take a bus? I've heard Granada is unbelievable!