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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Tony- Cusco, Peru Week 1

Hello All,

My first week in Cusco has been wonderful. The city is gorgeous and the people friendly.

The residence that I am staying in has students and volunteers from all over the world. I am not only learning about Peruvian culture, but about other countries as well.

I have just started my volunteer project this past Tuesday at a school here. Each weekday morning I help with the physical education activities for boys and girls between the ages of eight and ten. It is very fun and the kids become more excited when I play volleyball or soccer with them. Stay tuned for some pictures of the school yard soon.

Since I am only busy during the weekday mornings, I have plenty of time to explore the area. It has been fun so far, and I have a trip to the Sacred Valley here in Peru this Sunday. I will share details of that next post.


  1. Tony,

    My name is Tammy Mida. I am interning in LSA International Internships this summer, so I will be reading and responding to your blog posts.

    I'm glad that your first week went well. The living situation sounds really great since you are surrounded by so many other cultures. Do you speak Spanish? That panoramic picture is astounding. I would love to see the pictures of the school yard. Working with children is rewarding and very fun! I hope that Sacred Valley is a great experience. Are you using public transportation? Do you have any more trips planned?

    Looking forward to your next post!


  2. I am improving my Spanish skills by being forced to speak it, and I do not have to take public transportation unless it is somewhere far away. Luckily all my daily activities are within walking distance.

    No further trips are planned for sure, but there are many in the works. I will post about them once I know,