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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The one without pictures :(

Kinza -- Morocco

Weird twist of events...I’m actually starting to like this place and now six weeks seems way too short of a time to be here. There’s so many gorgeous places and so much to do and see and I don’t think I’ll be able to do it all. Mentally preparing my next trip to Morocco already.

Second week in Rabat included meeting eight new volunteers, seven from the U.S. and one from Belgium. We went out for dinner at a Thai restaurant and pretty much got served the sweetest Thai food ever. Moroccans live on sugar and bread! Another weird twist of events...I’m starting to like Mint Tea, I drank three cups in one day!

We got two new volunteers join our project which is superb because now we can take turns teaching. There seems to be a bit more consistency with our students, we’re seeing the same faces again and again. I’ve learned most of my students names...the first time I got their names right, the students clapped for me after each name. However, our student’s have figured out that we have quizzes on Friday so we only had three students show up. Which was not cool, so instead of a quiz we just worked individually with the students who were there.

Last Thursday, we were all invited out to one of our students house’s for lunch and were served a delicious meal of salad, lentil soup, and chicken tagine. The food was divine and getting to interact with our students outside of a class setting was an interesting experience. Trying to communicate using our little bit of arabic and their little bit of English was challenging but worthwhile (which involved them flipping through their notebooks and using the vocab words we had taught them).

Twelve of us went to Chefchaoun for the weekend and if possible, I could live there forever! The streets and houses and everything is painted with a bluish white everywhere and its uber pretty.

Sorry my phone died and I have no pictures :( but if you google Chefchaoun, you can see what I'm talking about.

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  1. Kinza,

    I'm really happy that you're settling in. It really sounds like you are taking it all in and really enjoying it. When you go on your second trip, please let me tag along! More volunteers/coworkers is always a good thing, so that you have more time and resources. Since the students have figured out the schedule thus far, perhaps you could switch it up and do random quizzes or allow them to complete the quizzes in pairs.

    I'm sad that there are no pictures, but I followed your suggestion and Googled Chefchaoun- it's amazing!!! Wow. Try to get some pictures this week- especially at work. I am looking forward to your next post!