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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Richard Takes Taksim.

So here we go...........

We went to Istanbul this week which was very fun after a stressful week of classes. I was ready to see the city. I would compare it to New York! We started here!!! Everybody takes public transit, can't lie...I'm not a fan of it lol

We then walked through the city as we searched for our apartment that we planned to stay in. 
 Now this fish was surprising, didn't know that Turkish people ate the fish with the bone in it. As I bit into the fish I was pleasantly surprised. I did not eat the fish head, I put it on a fork and began to play with the people at my table.

We went to visit a lot of Mosques. The prayer calls were staggered because there are so many Mosques. I also went to the information center inside of the mosque. They gave me a lot of information there which was enlightening. The muslim culture is definitely pretty interesting to learn about.
Went to a great desert place!! This was pretty good I enjoyed it. It was like a tiramisu! I will have to try the American version and compare!!!

Next we went on the boat!!!!!!!!
The Bosphorus was nice!!!
Check me out.
Then I took some more photos of the water. #iPhonePhotography 
 So this was a very nice day also so I enjoyed.

We then ran into monks! I was told this was a very rare occasion, so of course I had to grab a photo haha.
We kept it pretty official with the faces!

Earlier in the week we went to Ankara Castle, that had to be the most sketchiest place ever lol. It reminded me of this movie called "City of God". If you have not seen it, I highly recommend you do!
Overlooking the city in Ankara Castle!

I cracked my filling in my tooth, so I had to search the city for a dentist. The pain had become unbearable!! Luckily I found a guy who was pretty cool. His office was very hi-tech and had a great view of the city.  He was also highly personable!!

Lastly, I got dragged into street dancing as we were walking late at night. My curiosity as to what this large group of people were doing in the city led me to this. I had a lot of fun!! 

but wait...there is video! lol

I had to hold it down for #TeamAmerica haha. 

And that is pretty much my week in a nutshell, I enjoyed it, a lot!!! Next week should be pretty exciting also!! 


  1. Richard,

    I LOVE this post! It seems like your had some really great, unforgettable experiences while traveling around. The bone-in fish looks delicious- but so different than the "fish-n-chips" we are used to in the U.S. I'm glad that you were able to get your tooth fixed. Way to take initiative and find a reputable office. Was it expensive? Do you have insurance?

    You street dancing was #impressive! You really looked like you knew what you were doing. Thanks for sharing the video- that's something you'll never, ever forget! Could you tell me more about what you're doing at work? Please share some pictures from your work week as well!


  2. GREAT post, Richard! Love all the pics. Yes--pics at work....please....

    Did you use your HTH for the tooth???