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Monday, July 21, 2014

Hannah - Madrid Week 9

This past week, my friend, who is also a UofM student, came down to Madrid after he finished his own internship in Poland. I reserved some of the main tourist attractions for his visit so that we could explore some of city together. One of the places I was looking forward to the most was the Royal Palace. It´s filled with over 3,000 rooms and though I passed through a couple of the main spaces, it´s still imppoissble to fathom the the size of the palace. All the rooms were elaborately decorated with paintings, murals, elegant cabinets, and plush carpets. Walking around, I felt like I should have been dressed in a fancy evening gown. I haven't been able to explore much of the area by the palace and even from glancing over at the neighborhood, I wished that I had more time to get to know that district. It's filled with colorful houses and cobble stone streets. I realized that one of the things that I'll miss most about Madrid is the pink and yellow buildings that line the street. It seems so trivial but I would like to see more of them in Ann Arbor! Right next to the Royal Palace is Parque del Oeste, where we took a cable car that gave us an amazing view of the rest of the city. I had never seen the river that goes through the west of Madrid but it was nice to see that the city had some body of water nearby. Even though this week I did a lot of the main tourist activities, knowing my way around the city and some of the main customs, I realized that I felt like I had settled in and that I could see myself coming back here to study abroad!

Hasta luego,

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  1. Hannah,

    Studying abroad is a wonderful idea! Are you super busy at work? Is that why you have very little time to travel? That's great you were able to meet up with another UM student halfway across the world! The palace sounds impressive. Do you have any pictures? I would love to see them.

    Keep traveling around!!