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Sunday, July 20, 2014

India week 2

This week the monsoon season officially started and with the rains, some days were actually cool and not scorching hot! My roommate and fellow intern at work Emily is leaving today so I'm very sad to see her go.. I'll miss her a lot because she has been such a big help for me with adjusting to the culture and workplace here in India. However, I have another roommate Jess who's just arrived also from Michigan so I'm excited for us to start our adventures together! We have already made a list and there are so many places we want to see I can't wait to get started. I will definitely miss Emily at work though because she is the only other English speaker as the teachers and students do not really speak English well. My boss does although I am learning to understand her better since she speaks so rapidly and with an accent. I hope there will be another intern who joins us! We attended parent-teacher conferences this week and I think it's really helpful to hear the concerns of the parents and how Manjir and the teachers will try to solve them. It also gave me ideas for what I can do to help. This weekend we went to another market, Hauz. Khas village which is set up in a little quirky format and has more of hipster vibe. A lot of the shops were very unique, one selling everything made from only recycled materials. There was also a whole ton of restaurants so if you're craving anything, this is the place to go! There was an American Diner serving fries and burgers yum. We visit this monument in the middle of the village which was kinda cool because you could see the intersection between the new and old. It had a spectacular view of this park below where a river flowed through. We also visited another of delhi's famous park Center Park and there were so many people out relaxing! It was a busy yet calm environment at the same time. I've noticed that Delhi is full of contrasts and I love it, it is so amazing to observe. The picture below is of me and Emily at Center Park in front of the giant famous Indian flag.


  1. Selena,

    It's great hearing from you! I'm glad that Jessica arrived and you "connected". You will definitely miss Emily, but sometimes change is good! I have in our records that another intern, Mitchell Borchers, should have also arrived on or around the time Jessica did. Have you met him?

    Use the parent comments to design your curriculum! Those are the most useful suggestions you will get! Keep traveling around and enjoying your stay.

    Your pictures didn't work :( Can you try to troubleshoot this? I would love to see them!


    1. Hi Tammy,
      I've only brought my ipad along and have been trying to work out the picture difficulties but have had no luck unfortunately. If you'd like I can email you the pictures my email is Maybe you could send me Mitchell's email and I'll try to connect with him because I have not heard anything about him!