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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Lejing-Istanbul-Week 4

The fourth week in Istanbul was the last week of the semester at Koc University. Students moved out gradually, and the campus became really empty and quiet.

On Saturday night, Pareesa and I met an Indian girl, who came to the university for the Model UN conference. She was a representative of G20. We chatted for a little while.

The next day morning, I met more people. They were here for the English Language program. Two of them were from UK, two from California. I took them around the campus and had a great time with them chatting.

Turkey seems like a really diverse place with people coming from different parts of the world and speaking different languages. I really appreciate the opportunity to meet some of them.

(Sorry, there wasn't any pictures.)

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  1. Lejing,

    No problem about the pictures for this post. I look forward to hearing (and seeing) more!