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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Pareesa Istanbul week 7

This week we ventured to Cappadocia and Konya!
Cappadocia was by far my favorite place to visit-- the town we stayed at was so storybook-esque.
Goreme Open Air Museum
 The town was pretty small and surrounded by these rock formations and valleys. Most of the shop owners catered to tourists and there were a bunch of hotels in the area. Despite all of this, the place had a very local, down-to-earth Turkish feel that I haven't quite seen in the citylife of Istanbul.

Sun rise

Best Meal EVER!

Allaeddin Camii, Konya
After two nights in Cappadocia, we bused to Konya. After a three hour ride, we ended up in "Turkey's most conservative city". Though most women were hijab-clad, NOONE knew English, and there were close to no tourists, I felt like I was in the real Turkey so to speak. The other cities I visited have been so influenced by the country's booming tourist industry and western culture-- I felt that this city had remained untouched. After a night in Konya, we flew back to Istanbul!

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  1. Pareesa,

    How did you feel in "real India"? Like an outsider or like you sort-of fit in? It makes me wonder if Konya will be affected by the tourism industry in the near future. It's rare for towns/cities/areas to remain untouched (so to speak).

    What are you doing at work? Is it difficult?