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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Jaclyn - Cardiff

Well I've had a busy weekend, so this post is probably going to have few words and way too many pictures.

First of all, this is probably the greatest thing I've found so far:

(Frosted Flakes are called Frosties in the UK)

Also, for lovers of OxiClean commercials:

The weather in Wales is rainy, but nice. It's typically about 13 or 14 degrees Celsius which is equivalent to mid-high 50s/low 60s in Fahrenheit.
It's not uncommon to see giant puddles like this because of all the rain. As long as you have an umbrella, you'd be fine.

My friends and I went to an American diner, of all places. They were so shocked at the idea of bottomless coffee. I told them that in the States, that's just called "coffee." :)

The food was pretty good. And aside from eating french fries with mayo, it was pretty American!

They eat mayo with EVERYTHING in the UK. Mayo with their pizza, mayo with their french fries (which they call "chips"). And of course, they drink lots of tea. Below is a picture of what a British cup of tea looks like!! I told them it looked more like coffee to me, but it still tasted good!

Funny picture I had to include of one of my coworkers wearing my Michigan sweatshirt!!

This weekend, I went to Swansea, which is a city an hour west of Cardiff. Saw some pretty crazy things…. there was a giant heard of cattle blocking the road!!

This is a baby calf drinking its mother's milk…thought it was precious and had to snap a picture!

This is a picture of ruins of a castle at Three Cliffs (in the Gower).

Three Cliffs was beautiful. There was beach, ocean, mountains, a castle, and rolling hills with gorgeous flowers all in one place!

Loved the winding river in between the grassy areas and the beach!

Far away view of the Three Cliffs.

Up close view of the Three Cliffs.

Overall, Swansea was beautiful and I can't wait to explore more of Wales (hopefully) this weekend!!

Goodnight and here's to my third week in Cardiff...


  1. Jaclyn,

    The YouTube videos cracked me up! The OxyClean knock-off was the best. Cillit bang, Cillit bang!

    The rain is something to be dealt with- it's always going to be there. You would think that the drainage systems there would be able to handle all of the rain. Mayo with pizza? Interesting. Did you try that? It's funny how close the American culture can seem to the British culture.. but how different it can be at the same time.

    I really enjoyed all of your pictures. The rolling hills and scenery are just beautiful. The cattle blocking the road is a sight to see! How is work going? Please share some pictures from work as well!


  2. Tammy, I found it hysterical, as well! I didn't try mayo with pizza, but I tried mayo with french fries and it's actually not bad. I still prefer my fries with ketchup though!

    Work is going really well! Time is flying by! I'm not sure what pictures I can take of work due to data protection, but I will see what I can do!!