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Monday, June 2, 2014


So welcome to this new week. I have met many friends and have built some great relationships so far! People at the AKP have these cool cars with gold license plates. I had to snap a photo but i was very discreet with it. 
Now...I ran out of Oreos so I had to buy these FAKE!!! Oreos which hight disappointed me!! But I ate them ;(
This is from lunch one day with two of the Americans (Jen and Lilly) and a table full of Turkish students, we were reflecting on our day as we ate lunch #SelfieSwag.
We ate this traditional meal on the floor. I met a man who loved Obama and said I looked like him and insisted on showing me videos. He was very humble and we talked politics for a little bit.
My headphones have broke in many places but then again I have had them for like 4 years. So I can't complain, they sell fake beats here on the street butttt.....that's just not for me lol. So I will use my tape. We stayed in Ankara this weekend and hung out with students, went to a few social gatherings and met some students family members. This week was enlightening!!!! 

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  1. Richard,

    Your headphones definitely need replacing.. but keep with the tape if you insist! Can you refresh my memory about what AKP stands for? I'm thinking it is something governmental because you had to be discreet while taking a picture.

    What is that meal? It looks like a dessert of some kind? I'm really not sure. I'm glad that you're connecting with some of the Turkish students! How is work going? I would really like to hear about it and see pictures. Also, how is the living situation?