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Monday, June 2, 2014

James-Ankara-Week 4

This weekend I went to Konya.  It was a very interesting experience as the city is considered the most conservative city in the country.  I visited the Mevlana Museum that contained Rumi's tomb and the dervish barracks housed within.  I must say that the tomb was one of the most gilded things I have ever seen.  Photography, however, was frowned upon within the tomb complex.  In Konya, I also ate lamb kebab, of which the city is famous for.  I found it to be quite greasy but also very delicious. In addition to the Mevlana Museum, I also explored the city and went to the central historic part of town which is centered around Aladdin Hill and the old Seljuk mosque there.  Overall, Konya, while not exactly the most fun city in the country, is definitely worth a look for those interested Turkey's history.

Outside Rumi's Tomb

One of the dervish barracks within the Mevlana Museum

View from Aladdin Hill

Enjoying some nargile at a side street cafe

Aladdin Hill lit up at night

Turkish high speed rail line from Konya to Ankara.  It went about 150 mph and was cheaper than the bus

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  1. James,

    I'm glad that you took the time to explore a more historic city. Was it as conservative as you expected? What makes it so conservative? The picture of the building is quire impressive. There seems to be a ton of attention to detail in design and architecture. 150mph is insane! Did it seem like you were going that fast?