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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Tony- Cusco, Peru Week 6

There are many local fiestas going on in Cusco right now. During my volunteer project I get to see the kids practice local dances and songs. They are having a blast practicing basketball drills, especially the older kids. I am able to interact with the kids a lot more in basketball than volleyball.
I spent the weekend in La Paz. There was a major parade in the streets called Festividad del SeƱor del Gran Poder. It went from early morning through late evening and all the major streets were closed. There was dancing, music, and fireworks. 

In Bolivia, I rode a recently built cable car system that took me from La Paz up to El Alto and was able to take a nice photo of La Paz from above. The altitude was higher than 4000 meters in El Alto.

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  1. Tony,

    I'm happy that work seems to be going well for you. Kids are so much fun! Your pictures are stunning! La Paz looks absolutely beautiful. The cable car system is pretty high-tech. You should have waited to ride in the soccer ball car! :) Thanks for posting, especially the video!